Webinar by Good Rebels

The Smart Content Framework: How to integrate goals, audiences, and data into a smarter content strategy.

12th June, 13:00 - 14:00 (GMT)


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The main problem when talking about 'content strategy' has always been the inexplicable distortion of the concept in the digital environment by the majority of professionals in the sector. Content was born as a pure business tool, at the service of the communicative needs of any brand, company or organization. However, in most cases it is understood the other way around and it is the brand that ends up being at the service of the content. It is time to introduce a new framework. 


In this webinar we'll be talking about the importance of smart content and how it can be applied to all levels of business, marketing and communication. We'll discuss:


-Why bet on the Smart Content Framework?
-How to define strategic objectives by type of impact on your organisation 
-How to create relevant audience archetypes for your messages 
-How to analyze and optimize with a goal-oriented business vision 
-How to integrate your media and outreach plan 


Don't forget to add this event to your calendar!




Speaker: Joel Calafell
Strategist at Good Rebels.

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